“Resurface” : Movie Review

//“Resurface” : Movie Review

“Resurface” : Movie Review

If you ever get discouraged when you’re out surfing, you need to watch this quick documentary.  If you ever what it is about the ocean that keeps pulling you back wipeout after wipeout, you need to watch Resurface.  If you ever need proof that surfing can change lives, watch this movie.

I had several friends tell me about this short documentary and how powerful it was, so I bumped it to the top of my list.  I watched it a day after going in for a shoulder operation that will keep me out of the water for several months, and boy did it change my outlook on my health, my life, and my surfing future.  If a guy with no legs and one arm can get out there, surf, and live to do it, then I think I can make this surfing thing work.

The movie tells the story of one suicidal veteran, among others, who found surfing, which saved his life.  It’s an emotional journey to see his depths and the new purpose he has found.  It shows the dedication of the people who get out there to help and teach the veterans how to surf.  They carry amputees on their backs into the water. They teach veterans who are blind and mostly deaf.  It is incredible.

Resurface is a short film, a quick watch, but the impact is big.  There are some great lines that are unforgettable.  One person said, “your body is a pharmacy”, in regards to the chemicals that your body can naturally make to heal itself and the effects that surfing has on the brain centers that create these chemicals.  Another veteran was discussing a decision about whether to forgo a surgery that would give him the ability to walk, but hinder his surfing, and he said, “Surfing is more important than walking, I guess.”

All I know is that after watching this film, no mountain seems unsurmountable to me, and I am forever grateful for the capacities that I do have that allow me to live and surf.  There were no bad days in the water to start with, but if you want a deeper dive into what that means, go see this movie.

Resurface is available on Netflix.  The website is here:  resurfacemovie.com

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