Meet Surfboard Glasser Dewi Malopsy

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Meet Surfboard Glasser Dewi Malopsy

We recently posted an article about a female surfboard shaper in San Diego, Valerie Duprat.  If you haven’t yet, read up on her here!  This past summer, I had a beautiful performance longboard shaped by Valerie and started asking her more about shaping and the art and process of it.  I learned that her glasser is also an amazing woman, Dewi Malopsy of Tiger Glass, and in this follow up on the board shaping series, Dewi tells us a little bit about herself and the art of glassing…
I am originally from East Java, Indonesia.  Not far from G Land.
I work on boards but do not actually surf.  My ex husband, Jeff. Alexander, who I met in Bali got me involved in the surfboard industry.  We lived on the North Shore in Oahu where I learned to laminate, air brush and install fins.
I pursued glassing because I was watching people glass at HIC and Local Motion and said “ I can do that!”  Indonesians are good crafts people.

Glassing is the art of laminating or hard coating a “surfboard.”  Surfboards are glassed by cutting fiber glass cloth and placing it over the board.  Resin is then poured over the board.  I then squeegee the resin and smooth it out and make sure there are no bubbles.  The board is then hot coated.  After being hot coated, the board is sanded.

Most shapers do not glass probably because its a lot different from shaping and its hard to do.  It takes a lot of practice to glass a board smoothly.
My journey in learning this business has been positive.  I enjoy the people I meet and work with.  I learned that I have to be accessible, work hard and provide quality work.
My set up now is a small glass shop in San Diego with a sanding and shaping room.  See
I work on weekends and stay busy.  I do not look to rent space but offer to have shapers work in the shaping room then have board finished by us.  I find customers through the Internet and “word of mouth.”
My advice to people who want to pursue surfing or their passions in life is to “stay with it and pursue your dreams.”  Longevity in this business has been key for me.
2 things about me….I like to “cook” and am a avid outdoors person.  I love camping and going to the beach!

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