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Surfing, PTSD and Trauma… The Ocean Can Save Your Life

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In large, mental illness is stigmatized, misunderstood, and goes mostly untreated, but surf-scientists have found that hanging ten could be a healthy way to manage symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  Also read our review of  the documentary Resurface, a moving story about a suicidal veteran who found surfing just in time to save his life. [...]

More Than Surfers In The Sea – Part 2

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Strange and fascinating things surfers encounter In part one I talked about surfing with fascinating water world creatures. Sharing the waves with them is a breathtaking experience that brings us back to nature. We learned that dolphins and whales like to surf just as much as us. You also found out that you’re more likely to [...]

More Than Surfers In The Sea – Part 1

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You’re Not Alone We stretch, and then in a ritualistic way, we wax up and paddle out. The silence at the line up is a blissful meditation that drowns out the rest of the world. It feels like we’re alone out there sometimes. But, the roaring noise of waves crashing is a wake up call that [...]

Can We Talk About… The Fear?

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I love surfing! But the ocean scares me! Here’s how I’m learning to mitigate the fear, so I can keep doing what I love... After my first surf lesson, 2 years ago, I was hooked, hard.  It became all I thought about, all I read about, all I wanted to do, and all I wanted to [...]

Surf Couples, Surf Dating – How Surfing Strengthens Relationships

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Sunrise at High Tide It’s no doubt that couples that play together stay together, well at least most of the time. Physical activity and play can be the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Sports like surfing get the muscles pumping, lungs breathing, and energy moving. With warm bodies and neurons firing, its no surprise to hear [...]

Inspiring Words from 70 Year Old Surfer!

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I’m so inspired by mature surfers who simply love playing in the water, just like kids do.  They don’t feel any pressure to achieve any goals or prove anything to anyone.  They have this “been there, done that” attitude and all they want to do is enjoy their time in the water.  That’s why this woman, [...]

How to stay sane when injury stops you surfing

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Why is it that injury always occurs when you’re on a roll with your surfing? Like when you’re scoring epic waves, or you’ve just nailed that bottom turn or finally sorted out your pop-up. Or annoyingly, it happens when the waves are incredible, or it’s the height of summer and it’s hot and sunny. But instead, [...]

Coping with fatigue while surfing

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It’s always like this. You start paddling towards the lineup, super stoked, and the waves look so much fun. The first duck dive is fine, the second one is ok. But another set is coming and you start paddling faster and faster… and then slower and slower. You’re not breathless, but can’t face another duck dive, [...]

How to get surf fit when you’re an older surfer

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I’m not sure about you but at age 40, the thought of trying to get surf fit feels like an uphill struggle. When I say surf fit, I don’t mean training like Kelly Slater for a world title. Let’s face it, I’ve got to be realistic. For years I did no exercise at all so I’m [...]

How to handle wipeouts and feel confident in bigger waves

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Wipeouts and bigger waves are part of the territory when you really start to push your surfing. It can feel really scary, particularly when you leave the whitewater behind and venture out back. But it’s something you need to embrace if you really want to progress. It’s a whole new ball game out of the whitewater [...]