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Moving to Biarritz to Follow My Dreams

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It was a rainy afternoon when I was looking for my next mission in life. Initially, I was looking to start a Masters degree when I came across the advertisement. An internship for 6 months in the Basque Country, in the South of France. My heart started to race, it was a sign. After falling in [...]

Surf Couples, Surf Dating – How Surfing Strengthens Relationships

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Sunrise at High Tide It’s no doubt that couples that play together stay together, well at least most of the time. Physical activity and play can be the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Sports like surfing get the muscles pumping, lungs breathing, and energy moving. With warm bodies and neurons firing, its no surprise to hear [...]

Inspiring Words from 70 Year Old Surfer!

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I’m so inspired by mature surfers who simply love playing in the water, just like kids do.  They don’t feel any pressure to achieve any goals or prove anything to anyone.  They have this “been there, done that” attitude and all they want to do is enjoy their time in the water.  That’s why this woman, [...]

The Surf Van – Do you want one?

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One of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had came from living in a van for four months. It’s certainly a different way to live, but it’s a rewarding one, and allows you to see and experience significantly more than you would via traditional forms of travel, as well as surf as many different breaks as [...]

Surfing – The Martial Arts of the Sea

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Martial arts is a combination of body and mind training, and I’d like to argue that surfing is an art form that has many similarities to martial arts. It embodies a set of principles and lessons that we surfers have been learning from the sea like a student does from her karate master. I have been [...]

Lessons I’ve learned from surfing

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For someone who grew up inland with no exposure to the ocean, I wasn’t a likely candidate to get hooked on surfing. But when it hit me, it literally changed my life. I’d always been fascinated by the sea, yet not brave enough to actually get in. I could swim, but the ocean seemed so vast [...]

7 inspiring and motivational talks from surfers

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Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration and motivation in life. Whether that’s to help us pursue our goals, get ourselves out of a rut or to gain a new perspective on things. According to American businessman and inventor Thomas Edison, success is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. Without that 10%, there would be nothing to [...]

Man on a mission – Sam’s surf story

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30 year old surfer Sam’s on a mission. To get regular people like you and me surfing, away from the glossy hype of the surf media and unfriendly, pro’s only surf forums. Proving just how accessible surfing can be, Sam’s found a way to share his experiences honestly...without the jargon or pretence. We spoke to Sam [...]

From pro surfer to finding balance – Steve Zima

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Meet Steve Zima, the ex-competitive surfer who’s surfed against the best, including 11 time world champion Kelly Slater. From carving out a surf career, to the end of the dream and balancing surfing with everyday life, we caught up with Steve to find out more about his incredible story… What and who inspired you to start [...]

Learning to shortboard at 38: part 3 – not so fast

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Well things started out so promising in part 1 with a noble goal and then it got even more exciting with part 2 when I ordered my first real shortboard.  Now, I’m realizing that it just isn’t that easy. I’ve got my beautiful 6’4” board ready to pick up in a few weeks, but the truth [...]