Moving to Biarritz to Follow My Dreams

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It was a rainy afternoon when I was looking for my next mission in life. Initially, I was looking to start a Masters degree when I came across the advertisement. An internship for 6 months in the Basque Country, in the South of France. My heart started to race, it was a sign. After falling in [...]

Surfing North Island – New Zealand

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New Zealand’s North Island The North Island of New Zealand is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes you’re ever likely to see. Quite literally, there is a unique view around every bend, and with all that coastline there are plenty of high quality surf breaks. I spent 5 months covering every corner of this [...]

Surfing Paradise : Padang Padang, Bali

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You know that idealistic image of the perfect surf break? That rare combination of warm, clear blue water, of yellow sandy beaches, and of clean, barrelling waves. Padang Padang Beach and its surrounding areas bring that vision to life. The Bukit Peninsula juts out of the south side of the popular tourist island of Bali, in [...]

Surf travel guide – Nosara Costa Rica

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Nosara, where have you been all my life? About 5 months ago, I convinced my family that we needed to be closer to the beach because, well, life is just too short.  Once I finally got the plan in place and had a move in date, we also then had to sell our current house.  In [...]

Your first surf camp – what to expect

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If you’ve never surfed overseas, there will undoubtedly come a time when you get itchy feet. The familiar shores of home are great but they’re no substitute for broadening your horizons, getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing some of the best waves in the world. Go on, admit it. Your social media feed is [...]

Surf travel guide – Cornwall UK

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Wait a minute...we mean Barbados…right? Nope. Believe it or not, this is Cornwall. The UK’s south west county is home to tropical blue waters in the Summer, miles of beautiful, rugged coastline, moorland, picturesque fishing villages and hundreds of sandy beaches. But let’s not forget the surf. The birthplace of British surfing, Cornwall has some of [...]

Chicama surf guide – the world’s longest left

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In Peru, there is a gem of a left hander.  Most of you have heard of it, the world’s longest left – Chicama.  I was lucky enough to visit Chicama and thought I’d share with you some thoughts. Where to stay This one is easy.  There’s only one place to stay, the Chicama Surf Hotel.  It’s [...]