Sunrise at High Tide

It’s no doubt that couples that play together stay together, well at least most of the time. Physical activity and play can be the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Sports like surfing get the muscles pumping, lungs breathing, and energy moving.

With warm bodies and neurons firing, its no surprise to hear how couples who surf together, stay together. Surfing requires dedication. You have to get up, get out, and get wet. It’s hard to stay consistent sometimes though, especially if you’re not lucky to be as close to the shore as you might want to be.

When partners commit to becoming dedicated surfers, there’s something of an unspoken bond that is formed.  Beyond it’s challenges

We’re going to help each other get out to the line up for the sunrise at high tide no matter what! Rain nor shine, hurricane nor shark can stop us!

Long Board for the Long Term

Ok, so your dedication might not be so extreme. It’s just an example. That bond is a reminder of you’re intention to be there for the other in those early mornings when all you want to do is hit snooze. When you find yourself getting deep into a barrel with water high above your head, you know someone’s looking out for you.

Becoming a surf couple not only compels dedicated partnership, it also requires time, patience, and consistency. This already sounds like a long-term relationship, but don’t worry if you fail you’ll only fall into the ocean. Hopefully.

Surfing’s kind of difficult, at least for some of us who didn’t grow up near the ocean. If you’re going to last or get better you’re going to have to keep at it. With the support and motivation from your partner, you’ll have no excuse. It’s going to take time, but be patient with your selves.

Surfing Power Couple

Session after session. Wave after wave. As time passes on and your relationship has seen the rising and falling of the tides. After you’ve fallen into the depths of the deep blue and proven your dedication and commitment to the surf gods, there will be a sense of empowerment. Strength, courage, and unconditional love shine, reflecting off the surface of the water, empowering you and your beloved with the awareness of what you’ve accomplished and created together.

After countless sunrise sessions and getting wiped out and washed in a thousand times, the quintessential moment of all power surfing couples comes to pass – The tandem wave ride Catching the same wave with your beloved sounds pretty corny, huh? Well, it happened to me. I want to tell you it’s actually epic. It really was empowering, and, in retrospect, super cheesy.  We held hands all the way to the shore.

Stand Up and Paddle or Row, Row, Row Your Boat Home

What about new couples?

What if one is more into surfing than the other???

What if I’m in love with a surfer and I can’t even swim!!!???

Those who are brave enough to paddle out past turbulent white water and breaking waves make it to the line up. There, where the water is calm, brave souls gain perspective on the incoming waves. Waves come in cycles, sometimes fast and sometimes slow. Some days, the waves are too big while other days they simply ripple to the shore.

For beginners, and even pros, getting to the lineup isn’t always easy. However, it’s always done alone. Only with our own strength can we paddle the body and board through the incoming barrage of challenges. No one can do it for us.

This isn’t the first time surfing has been used as a metaphor for life, but we are going to look at how surfing affects our relationships, even the brand new ones from last weekend.

Surf Dating

With bright eyes and strong shoulders, many single surfers have invited countless new friends to the morning session with high tide hopes for their aquatic encounter. Arriving to the beach, there is excitement, nervousness, and anticipation swirling along the shore in the mist of morning. Let’s hope the ocean is in a good mood.

Maybe a quick surf lesson or stretching is in order, but essentially they’re there to get wet.  The strong-shouldered surfer paddles out, letting the channel suck them deeper into the abyss as they duck dive under the breakers. In the meantime, the new surfer is wondering how they let the bartender from the beach bar talk them into this as they cautiously step into the cold sea.

This type of morning surf date can be the beginning of a long lasting relationship, and it can also show us what we’re really made of.

The Learning Curve of Surf

Learning to surf brings out the best and the worst of our personality. Our response to challenges, like getting stuck in the white wash while your date is hanging 10, provides a snapshot of the way we deal with difficulties in our everyday lives.

When we support each other with patience and compassion, we provide the space for strong emotional bonds to form. Healthy growth in a relationship is born from facing difficulties together.

Couples who learn to surf together will get to see how their partner is responding to the same challenges as they are. But, what happens when one is more advanced than the other? For those who have spent less time surfing just sitting on the board can be frustrating. While for those more adept at riding the waves, it too can be less than entertaining to watch your new crush getting sick on saltwater.

 Riding the Waves of Life

Couples who try a surf-date get the chance to see in what way, if any, their partner can be supportive and encouraging. Or, maybe you find out that they’re harsh or impatient. The waves will reveal all.

Is your newbie partner freaking out in the white water, or having an emotional break down just trying to paddle out? Ok, lets be compassionate and say it might be a super choppy and windy day. Is your advanced partner leaving you out to get flipped into the wash, or are they passing up the best wave of the day to show you how to turtle?

Learning to surf provides us with plenty of challenges. It also reflects to us things about our personalities that may have been hidden just below the surface.

Challenges Are Always Opportunities For Growth

Whether it’s a long-term surf-dedicated couple riding the waves of life, or a couple of newbies testing the waters – If they can manage to support each other unconditionally in the face of challenging circumstances then their relationship will strengthen. Remember, no one else is going to paddle out for us, but we don’t have to face the current alone.