Meet Female Surfboard Shaper Valerie Duprat!

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How did surfing come into your life? When and where? I tried surfing a long time ago when I was young and wanted to play cool with my then boyfriend, but it was a total failure.  However, I married him, so that part was a success!  Then, I crossed paths with the waves by flying above [...]

More Than Surfers In The Sea – Part 1

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You’re Not Alone We stretch, and then in a ritualistic way, we wax up and paddle out. The silence at the line up is a blissful meditation that drowns out the rest of the world. It feels like we’re alone out there sometimes. But, the roaring noise of waves crashing is a wake up call that [...]

Moving to Biarritz to Follow My Dreams

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It was a rainy afternoon when I was looking for my next mission in life. Initially, I was looking to start a Masters degree when I came across the advertisement. An internship for 6 months in the Basque Country, in the South of France. My heart started to race, it was a sign. After falling in [...]

Can We Talk About… The Fear?

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I love surfing! But the ocean scares me! Here’s how I’m learning to mitigate the fear, so I can keep doing what I love... After my first surf lesson, 2 years ago, I was hooked, hard.  It became all I thought about, all I read about, all I wanted to do, and all I wanted to [...]

Surf Couples, Surf Dating – How Surfing Strengthens Relationships

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Sunrise at High Tide It’s no doubt that couples that play together stay together, well at least most of the time. Physical activity and play can be the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Sports like surfing get the muscles pumping, lungs breathing, and energy moving. With warm bodies and neurons firing, its no surprise to hear [...]

Inspiring Words from 70 Year Old Surfer!

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I’m so inspired by mature surfers who simply love playing in the water, just like kids do.  They don’t feel any pressure to achieve any goals or prove anything to anyone.  They have this “been there, done that” attitude and all they want to do is enjoy their time in the water.  That’s why this woman, [...]

Learning to shortboard at 38: part 3 – not so fast

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Well things started out so promising in part 1 with a noble goal and then it got even more exciting with part 2 when I ordered my first real shortboard.  Now, I’m realizing that it just isn’t that easy. I’ve got my beautiful 6’4” board ready to pick up in a few weeks, but the truth [...]

Proof that you’re not too old to surf competitively

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Meet Vikki Burley. The super inspiring 46 year old UK surfer who’s a competitive longboarder. She’s smashed the illusion that to be a competitive surfer, you need to start young. Vikki started surfing in her mid 30’s and is living proof that you can do anything you want, and it’s never too late if you set [...]

Kook book review

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A few months ago, I was desperately needing some motivation.  I was heading into the dead of winter, in a totally landlocked place for several months, coming off of a truly wonderful surf trip to Bali.  I wanted to keep the magic alive, to remember the thrill and the ride and just stay stoked for the [...]

Skincare for surfers

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I recently sat down with Dr. Amy Derick to talk skincare for surfers.  Dr. Derick, M.D. is a board certified dermatologist who owns and operates her own multi location practice in Chicago.  She has a long list of qualifications and awards including being rated one of the top 10 female dermatologists in the world by  [...]