Faith Found In 50 Degree Water

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As a wall of white water barrels towards me, I take a deep breath and allow myself to be engulfed.  There is no stopping it.  I might as well make peace with the fact that it will hit me, I won’t be able to breathe for a moment, and then it will pass.  Sometimes when I [...]

Meet Female Surfboard Shaper Valerie Duprat!

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How did surfing come into your life? When and where? I tried surfing a long time ago when I was young and wanted to play cool with my then boyfriend, but it was a total failure.  However, I married him, so that part was a success!  Then, I crossed paths with the waves by flying above [...]

Moving to Biarritz to Follow My Dreams

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It was a rainy afternoon when I was looking for my next mission in life. Initially, I was looking to start a Masters degree when I came across the advertisement. An internship for 6 months in the Basque Country, in the South of France. My heart started to race, it was a sign. After falling in [...]

Inspiring Words from 70 Year Old Surfer!

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I’m so inspired by mature surfers who simply love playing in the water, just like kids do.  They don’t feel any pressure to achieve any goals or prove anything to anyone.  They have this “been there, done that” attitude and all they want to do is enjoy their time in the water.  That’s why this woman, [...]

How learning to surf in your 40’s is totally possible!

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Meet Lihi Geva Lisser. Clinical social worker, psychotherapist, mother of four and now a surfer. At 45, Lihi from Israel started surfing just 7 months ago proving that you’re never too old to follow your passions. We spoke to Lihi about balancing surfing with family commitments, the difficulties she’s encountered and how surfing has made such [...]

Surf icon – Linda Benson

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We love Californian surf icon Linda Benson. At just 15 years old, she was the first female to ride Waimea Bay and win the first ever national US surfing contest in Huntington Beach. And if that wasn’t enough, she entered the International Surfing Contest at Makaha during the same year. As the youngest competitor, she won. [...]

What holds women back in the surf

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Recently I was out at lunch with a group of my friends. We’re all surfers at varying levels. Some are more confident than others. Some surf regularly, whilst a couple of them are more casual surfers. One of my friends dominates in the line-up on a small day whilst my closest friend is happy in the [...]

How to meet like minded women surfers and make new surfing friends

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When I started surfing and lived in a landlocked city, I wanted to reach out and make surfing women surfer friends. No-one that I knew surfed and my existing friends just didn’t get it. I wanted to eat, sleep and breathe surfing and share the stoke with anyone who would listen. I was desperate to connect [...]