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Meet Female Surfboard Shaper Valerie Duprat!

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How did surfing come into your life? When and where? I tried surfing a long time ago when I was young and wanted to play cool with my then boyfriend, but it was a total failure.  However, I married him, so that part was a success!  Then, I crossed paths with the waves by flying above [...]

The Surf Van – Do you want one?

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One of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had came from living in a van for four months. It’s certainly a different way to live, but it’s a rewarding one, and allows you to see and experience significantly more than you would via traditional forms of travel, as well as surf as many different breaks as [...]

“Resurface” : Movie Review

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If you ever get discouraged when you’re out surfing, you need to watch this quick documentary.  If you ever what it is about the ocean that keeps pulling you back wipeout after wipeout, you need to watch Resurface.  If you ever need proof that surfing can change lives, watch this movie. I had several friends tell [...]

Making Mavericks book review

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I first heard of Mavericks, the legendary big wave surf spot in Northern California, after watching the surf documentary ‘Riding Giants.’ I became fascinated with it. The wave looked and sounded horrifyingly beautiful. Reaching heights of up to 60ft, not to mention hazards like rocks, sharks, cold water and strong rips, you have to question what [...]

Kook book review

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A few months ago, I was desperately needing some motivation.  I was heading into the dead of winter, in a totally landlocked place for several months, coming off of a truly wonderful surf trip to Bali.  I wanted to keep the magic alive, to remember the thrill and the ride and just stay stoked for the [...]

How to carry your surfboard with ease: Rail Grabber review

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Not all of us are blessed with long arms. And although getting a shortboard is a compelling argument for those of us who struggle to carry longboards and minimals, it won’t necessarily do our surfing any favours! I love my surfboard. It’s a 7’ 4 mal and it’s perfect for my level of surfing. It’s super [...]

Getting zinc oxide sunscreen off your face

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You all know what I’m talking about.  Surfers have little choice but to use the heavy, pasty zinc oxide sunscreen.  It doesn’t run and it stays in place through hours of salt water. As we age, we need to be really diligent about using it.  However, the very property that makes it so mighty in the [...]