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Learn To Surf As An Adult – You Can Do It!

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I’ve always been envious of people who learned to surf as a kid; there are so many benefits to learning young. Kids are light, really light, meaning they can take more waves than everyone else, and manoeuvre around on a one or two foot wave in a way that most people can only dream of. And [...]

Moving to Biarritz to Follow My Dreams

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It was a rainy afternoon when I was looking for my next mission in life. Initially, I was looking to start a Masters degree when I came across the advertisement. An internship for 6 months in the Basque Country, in the South of France. My heart started to race, it was a sign. After falling in [...]

How learning to surf in your 40’s is totally possible!

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Meet Lihi Geva Lisser. Clinical social worker, psychotherapist, mother of four and now a surfer. At 45, Lihi from Israel started surfing just 7 months ago proving that you’re never too old to follow your passions. We spoke to Lihi about balancing surfing with family commitments, the difficulties she’s encountered and how surfing has made such [...]

How joining a surf club has improved my surfing

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I recently read an awesome article about how to enjoy surfing more. The premise focuses on developing systems and habits, rather than one big goal, to achieve, sustain and even exceed your aims. It’s something that really stuck with me, particularly for someone who earlier this year, lost a lot of love for surfing. I started [...]

Man on a mission – Sam’s surf story

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30 year old surfer Sam’s on a mission. To get regular people like you and me surfing, away from the glossy hype of the surf media and unfriendly, pro’s only surf forums. Proving just how accessible surfing can be, Sam’s found a way to share his experiences honestly...without the jargon or pretence. We spoke to Sam [...]

How to overcome fear of failure in surfing

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Ever wonder if you’ll get ‘good’ at surfing? Then beat yourself up for being a failure when surfing doesn’t go your way? Of course you do. We all do it. But as you and I know, surfing’s one of the most frustrating sports on the planet. The learning curve’s steep, and progress comes in such tiny steps that [...]

8 reasons why you should learn to surf

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People learn to surf for loads of reasons. Whether you’ve watched surf movies and think it looks cool, fallen in love with the lifestyle or your surf friends have finally persuaded you, you’ve decided that now’s the time to start surfing. While everyone’s reasons for learning are different, here’s some of the best that we reckon [...]