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A Passion For Shaping Surfboards

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Surfboard shaping in the French Basque Country has a long tradition. It started back in the 50s when legends Jacky Rott and Michel Barland created their first French surf brand. Since then, a lot of well known shapers and surf brands have popped up in the area. Having a locally-shaped surfboard is something I have been dreaming [...]

Meet Female Surfboard Shaper Valerie Duprat!

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How did surfing come into your life? When and where? I tried surfing a long time ago when I was young and wanted to play cool with my then boyfriend, but it was a total failure.  However, I married him, so that part was a success!  Then, I crossed paths with the waves by flying above [...]

Learning to shortboard part 2 – the transition board

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So I started this journey in Part 1.  As I'm a little further down the line now, it's time to make the move. In learning to shortboard, it’s not quite as easy as I once thought – just go out and get a smaller board, flop around like crazy and eventually you’ll get it.  Well, that [...]