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Learn To Surf As An Adult – You Can Do It!

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I’ve always been envious of people who learned to surf as a kid; there are so many benefits to learning young. Kids are light, really light, meaning they can take more waves than everyone else, and manoeuvre around on a one or two foot wave in a way that most people can only dream of. And [...]

Can We Talk About… The Fear?

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I love surfing! But the ocean scares me! Here’s how I’m learning to mitigate the fear, so I can keep doing what I love... After my first surf lesson, 2 years ago, I was hooked, hard.  It became all I thought about, all I read about, all I wanted to do, and all I wanted to [...]

Learning to shortboard part 2 – the transition board

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So I started this journey in Part 1.  As I'm a little further down the line now, it's time to make the move. In learning to shortboard, it’s not quite as easy as I once thought – just go out and get a smaller board, flop around like crazy and eventually you’ll get it.  Well, that [...]

Learning to shortboard at 38 – is it really possible?

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At the ripe age of 37, as my family spent the summer in Manhattan Beach, I decided that it was the year to try a new hobby, so I picked up surfing.  Being someone who has always loved adrenaline sports, I quickly fell in love and decided within weeks of being a beginner, that I would [...]